"The Visitor"- (2003). A supernatural thriller. Directed by Anthony Howald. Produced by Brad Alsobrook. 

Featuring: Bevan B. Bell, Grace Weatherford, Corie Ventura Mitchell, Kelly Green, Jo Lynn Palmer, Jessica Scott, Suzanne Camilli, Joseph B. Smith, Robert Jordan, Justin Asher, and Danielle Michelle McRae. 


  Brad (Bevan B. Bell), by day, is a painter for the apartment building he lives in but in his off  hours he is an avid paranormal investigator. He enjoys researching and documenting strange  occurrences. However his greatest reward is helping people, who are having experiences with  lost souls, find a way to send the spirits to the next level. That is until one night while trying to help “Fiery Redhead” (Grace Weatherford) in a chat room, he is pulled into the experience and learns more about the entity than he ever wanted to know.......Now it’s his turn to seek help! (Based on a true story)


    "The Visitor" was shot over a 3 month period in Memphis, TN. and surrounding areas.


Copyright 2004 Rusted Sun Films.