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FREE MUSIC OFFERED!  Bevan has uploaded free music tracks from his 15th music composition DEMO B for use in your projects.  SP Pictures, Triple Sticks Productions, Cowboy-Up Productions, and Rusted Sun Films have used Bevan's tracks in their films.  Does it fit for you?  Find out HERE.

Rusted Sun Films has started pre-production on their latest short film titled, SOUL MATES. Members of the cast have been chosen and locations are currently being scouted. 

Bevan B. Bell wins the Best Actor 2007 Bonehead Award at the Barebones Independent International Film Festival.  This is the second award for Bevan from this festival. In 2005 he was awarded the Indie Auteur 2005 Bonehead.  We are very proud of his work and accomplishments.

DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADS has been accepted to the RAINIER INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL.  We are thrilled to be involved with another great festival.  We're planning on attending... so wait to hear back about all of the joys when the festival takes place in March.

DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADS has been accepted to the 2007 Barebones International Independent Film Festival.  We are very excited to return after Bevan brought home the 2005 Indie Auteur Award.  We look forward to showing our great film in many more festivals to come.

Bevan was nominated for an Emmy for his work in television news. He has also started a new job with Beyond Pix Productions in San Francisco.  They can be found at

We'll do our best on keeping everyone updated on the progress of DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADS in the festival circuit.  Brad and Anthony are currently toying with the idea of starting a "Rusted Sun Films" Film Festival and Bevan has joined Christine in San Francisco to start a new section of the production titled Rusted Sun Films (West). 

We're excited about extending the company and extended the family.  Please stay tuned for the rest of the updates as they become available.  This is a very exciting time for us.


We hope this Holiday Season finds you all well.

If you look to your left in the headlines sidebar you will see a list of the Festivals "DIVINE" has been submitted to. Bevan has been working hard, at our west coast offices, getting our film out there.

After the first of the year, we hope to be adding some Rusted Sun Films branded merchandise to the shop. Items will include some Tee's and those hats some of you have ask about.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
--The Rusted Sun Films Family

 Please feel free to give us feedback at the "contact us" page.

We have taken the time to add photos, video, and even an Electronic Press Kit for those that need print quality images, Bios, summaries, and all the like. 

DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADS continues to hunt down festivals for 2006/2007.

Bevan and Christine are currently heading up:
RUSTED SUN FILMS (WEST) offices in Pacifica/San Francisco, California. 



So sorry for the long delay and lack of updates on the Official Rusted Sun Films website.  We've been quite busy working on our new film Divine Manipulation of the Threads.  We've been chipping away at the shooting schedule and scenes for a few months now and I can assure you that we are getting a lot of great material.  Although we've just broken the "half-way point" of the shooting script, we're hopeful to make the end-of-the-year-deadline that we've set to have everything finished by.  We should have some fun additions of all of our faithful sometime soon.  Right now, you can check out the first Official trailer for our latest project!  We'll keep working to get this fantastic comedy finished on time.  For weekly updates (that are quite easier to post) you can check out Bevan's Rants.  I hear that it's all the rage.



The first production meeting for Divine Manipulation of the Threads went off fairly well this Sunday.  The cast and crew had a "meet and greet," inviting new people into the family that is Rusted Sun Films.  We went through a full read through and had some great laughs along the way. This promises to be a fantastic little project.  We have gathered schedules and will most likely start production of this film during the coming weekend.  There were a couple of problems with "No-shows" so some of the cast information may change in the near future. 

The cast and crew contact sheet will be sent out via e-mail sometime soon.  I would like to personally thank everyone that attended for being there.  The updates should be coming along as we make progress on this new film.  If there are any questions please contact Brad or Christine


Rusted Sun Films is proud to finally announce a list of casting choices for their newest feature film venture, Divine Manipulation of the Threads. The list, so far, is for starring, supporting, featured, and  featured extra.  There will be scenes where we will need extra people that will be involved in the film, they just don't have a snazzy title. 

For full list click here.

 Now, this list is subject to change... quite simply because there could be those who do not wish to be involved any longer, scheduling conflicts, and other decisions that are made for a myriad of human reasons.  For those of you that are not specifically named, there will be other opportunities to be involved (on camera and/or production) as the film schedule progresses.  For those of you that wish to be kept in the loop, check back here, check Bevan's Rants,  contact Brad or Christine

For now you can check out the New Projects page for a cool little preview piece of artwork.  We will contact all of you about the first production meeting soon (it will most likely take place sometime near the third or fourth week of July during a weekend).  I will be out of town for a few weeks on vacation, so if the updates fall behind, don't freak out...

Here is the help that I will need from the rest of you:
Ask your friends if they would be interested in playing an extra.  I really need African Americans to play THUGS for our warehouse scenes, I also need anyone of any age to be extras in a bank lobby scene and coffee shop scenes.  Make a list... keep it handy. 

We appreciate all of your time and patience and look forward to seeing old friends and inviting a few more into the Rusted Sun Films family.

-B and A


Well folks, it's been a while so I figured I would post a long overdue update. For those of you who don't know we are having auditions for our next film, "Divine Manipulation Of The Threads", at the Media Co-Op in Midtown on Saturday May 21st. Auditions will be held between 9am and noon so get there early. If you do come out please be sure to bring a Head Shot and a Resume.

We are also working with Charles Moore on his new film and should begin shooting in the next few weeks.

Big news about Bevan... While attending the Bare Bones International Film Festival in Muskogee, OK. he was presented with their Indie Auteur Award for filmmaking. Way to go -B- !

We'll post more as plans unfold and the camera starts to roll...



So far we've managed to fall into the good graces of TWO film festivals.  A Cowboy's Silver Lining has been invited to screen at the Bare Bones International Film Festival in Muskogee, OK and the Hearts and Minds Film Festival in Wilmington, DE.  We're all very excited to have our hard work shown to a group of avid film fanatics (or those that are merely curious enough to venture out into the realms of Indie Films).  

We're hoping to be invited to a few more festivals as the year progresses.  We're not finished submitting to other festivals either... So, if you know of any great film festivals or any great cities that host festivals please feel free to share them with us.  

Bevan is hard at work trying to finish up our next feature film venture.  There will be more news to come on that by the end of February (when he's promised to have the first working draft finished).  It promises to be funny as we were looking to film a comedy this time around (well, dark comedy anyway... it is Bevan after all).

Is anyone interested in screening some T-Shirts?  We've got a T-shirt idea we would like to have made for use in the film.  They're also funny enough to purchase for personal use.  

-Sun God------------

...Sometime in late January

Okay gang. There's lots of new stuff going on at Rusted Sun Films.  Obviously we've had a bit of a face lift.  Exciting is it not?  Well, it might give some of you flashbacks or make you want to vomit but we thought it was a pretty good idea at the time.  Anthony really likes pink. I hope all of you enjoy all of the new stuff and all of the new things to come.  2005 should be another interesting year for all of us.  We've made some new friends, some new connections, and got a bit of attention for a film well made.  

For those of you that don't know, A Cowboy's Silver Lining is out and about on the festival circuit.  We're waiting to hear from various festivals (quite eagerly awaiting) with the hopes  that we can go out and visit these festival events, thus expanding the joys that are Indie Films.  

I should mention that the 2005 Diary (Bevan's Rants) is up and running.  It's basically a blog for all of the rants and crazy thoughts that pass through my mind at any given moment in time.  It serves to entertain.  Be sure to drop an e-mail with us or swing by the diary and give us your thoughts... 

There are obviously all sorts of new things to check out:  The movie stills page, Some new production stills, Premiere Party pictures for ACSL, and some blurry things...

There will be plenty to work on, so forgive us if we get a little tied up in more movie making.  


There is quite a bit of new stuff to share with all of you wonderful folks out there across the land so, buckle up...
There is an update on for A Cowboy's Silver Lining We're now part of the huge mass media database to share with the world.
There are some new sections of
press from various sources that have been gracious enough to show us love.
There are two new additions to the diary section of the A.C.S.L website.
We've submitted the film to the San Francisco Indie Festival, with the hopes that we will be screening there soon.  We're also shipping some stuff off to the Nashville Film Festival.  That will be fun if they invite us.
We also hand-delivered the film to a local-boy-gone-Hollywood, just to start some conversations about where to go and what to do.  It never hurts to stick it out and see what happens.
I (B) have been working with a couple of friends on some scripts with the hopes that we can get them done in the near future.  Of course, we're still writing everything on the "get-it-done-for-free" kind of idealism.  Hopefully, there will be much more to share with you on the horizon.  Good things are on their way.  


Whew!  What a premiere that was! 

The premiere for A Cowboy's Silver Lining Sold out the theater.  It was the first time in SEVEN YEARS that there has ever been a sell-out crowd at Indie Memphis.  That's quite a feat, wouldn't you say.  We didn't will any prizes... but hey, as far as I know, no one else sold out the theater.  

We should have the Premiere After Party pictures up soon.  They're okay (I've got to teach people about headroom).  

We had a great night and shared it with a lot of great people.  Thanks to everyone that participated.  We're sorry if you were turned away at the door.  There will be another screening for the film sometime soon, I PROMISE.   We still have DVDs and T-shirts for sale while supplies last.  

Right now we're focusing on getting out to other festivals.  There will be more news and more fun things from the kind folks here at Rusted Sun Films.  We are a family.  I think we'll probably have to put up a question and answer section for the film somewhere too... seeing as how there are lots of questions.  Check back soon.  This trip is far from over.  Hopefully the info will be on Internet Movie Database soon.  They're kind of strict.




A Cowboy's Silver Lining has landed a primo timeslot and date for the Indie Memphis Film Festival.





That's the info.  The awards ceremony takes place directly after the screening at 9pm. Hopefully we'll take home a prize and party on into the night.

There is an premiere after party at MÉLANGE.  Mélange is located at the corner of Cooper/Young. Meet us there for giveaways and our "wrap party" of sorts.  It's guaranteed to be a great time.

Wish us luck, invite everyone you know, bribe them to come along. This is an event that you will not want to miss... the PREMIERE for A COWBOY'S SILVER LINING!!!!



     We've reloaded and re-vamped the film page for "A Cowboy's Silver Lining."  Check out the new poster artwork and some of the diary entries.  It's a work in progress but Antoine and I are very happy with it (so far).  There will be a lot of new things to come so stay tuned.

     Anthony is slaving away at the 5.1 audio mix for the film and eventual DVD copies.  The first copies of the disk and the SPECIAL EDITION 2 disk version should be available at (or sometime after) the premiere.  We're back at work to say the least.  

     For those of you who haven't heard, the festival copy of the film has been hand delivered to the folks at INDIE MEMPHIS.  With all good luck, we will be premiering this grand project during the festival so you'll all have comfy seats, optional popcorn, and a kick ass sound system.  We'll see how the projection works live then, huh?  We still have to piece together the gag-reel and the documentary... but we're getting there, give me a freakin' break already.  There is a fabled light at the end of the tunnel...



Hello Cowboys and Cowgirls! 

    We have some fantastic news to share with all of you happy little movie fans out there.  As of 2:22 AM Monday September 6th (Labor Day), we finished the final shot of filming process for "A Cowboy's Silver Lining."  We had been waiting somewhere near a month and a half to catch the final stressed moments of a Johnny jumper of an Indie film... and it all finally fell into place.   We were filming for near 13 hours over Sunday and Monday during some very peak heated daylight.  The warehouse that we shot in has been a very giving location, with an exception of the weather changing to a furnace.  The cast and crew sweated through the work we needed, we pulled off some very good looking shots (as well as performances), and then moved to the roof for the "night shoot." 

    The rooftop scenes turned out amazingly well.  The city backdrop and the ominous (though frustrating) echoes of trains pulled together a frightful Mexican Standoff.  By the middle of the shoot we had all drooped in energy (and I managed to yell at everyone for a moment) but we did make it through.   Thanks to Ben for the use of the premises.  A very special thanks to Christine for the champagne toast.  There is also a hearty loving embrace to each and every one of the cast and crew that muscled their way through schedules and gave us their valuable time.   I know that at moments it wasn't easy.  

    THE NEWEST OF NEW NEWS:  Anthony and I have finished all of the scenes rough cuts.  (If you didn't know, we've been piecing the film together scene by scene)  All of the scenes are chopped, they just need to be polished-- so we plan on working those little kinks out this weekend.   By the middle of next week we should be rendering the film as a whole just in time to hand-deliver a copy to the folks over at Indie Memphis.  So, if you don't hear from us for a few days... that's what we'll be doing... cramming in all of the work for the final.   It should be some test.  I hope we do well on the essay portion.  Pee.



Greetings from the Belmont Ranch
     The coming weekend should be a rather large endeavor for "A Cowboy's Silver Lining."  As most of you may know, we're not quite finished filming the final scenes.  These scenes require me to shave my head, so we're saving the best for last... that and I don't want to have to wait 8 months or so to grow it back for a re-shoot.  This weekend, we've tentatively scheduled those cryptic "final scenes."  The excitement comes in swells as this shall surely be a pinnacle on this project.  Ah, the final shot...  Ah, the anticipation... Aw hell, I have to cut my hair. 
     This acting idea caused me to go through the "director's script" to check up on how we're doing.  The green highlights mean that the scene is shot.  The blue highlights mean that the scene is rough-edited.  There are a few spaces that are just green and only a few more that are stark white.  This is the last leg of the race and as many people will tell you, it's more mental than physical.   Thankfully there are great people that are supporting me and this film.  Without them, I would have fallen short a long, long time ago. 
     Pull the strings! Pull the strings!! (cue the buffalo)



Greetings from the Belmont Ranch.
    We've been quite busy this weekend putting together various pieces of the film.  To be quite honest, I love the editing process.  Editing is where the film all comes together and more so, editing is what MAKES a film.  All of the elements come together in a massive swell of excitement.  I can tell you that this is going to be one thrill ride of a film.  I love what I'm seeing... I'm constantly smiling through the near 17 hours of editing I put in over Friday and Saturday. 
That's right... 17 hours.  I ended up sleeping at Anthony's house during the wee hours of Saturday morning-- got up and started editing through most of Saturday.  I believe over all we crunched through another 7 or 8 scenes.  We're closing in on the half-way point of editing and we're already over the half-hour mark (which is quite a relief being that I wasn't sure if everything we got would be long enough).

   We've also not finished filming the final scene of the movie... so there is still much to be done... fearfully coming close to this "monkey-on-my-back" deadline.  We'll have some more stuff on the site as soon as we can get a day to work on the site alone.  It's a process that's taking time but not necessarily taking priority.  Hell, if we don't get the film done, what good is the website?  Ah, just thoughts... another Monday morning...

   Sometime in the near future we'll have all sorts of extras for you kiddies to check out.  Have fun, see you soon... I'll be working non-stop until the finish line.  No time for sleep... thank God for beer.



    Oh, these draughts.  There hasn't been much to add or much to say these days.  We're still working under the gun of a tentative deadline for festivals... and as one might imagine there have been some more "time-snags" thrown on the plate.  Our female lead on A Cowboy's Silver Lining has gone through some emergency surgery lately.  She is doing well but very weak.  We all send our best to her for a swift recovery. 

    We're pressing along trying to finish up all that we can while we wait for another shooting schedule.  It will be down to the wire but everyone is assuring me that we "will get it done."  After all, these frustrations can lay waste to an already frantic mind.  I hope for the best. 

    We will be going through more rough-cuts at the studio soon... trying to piece this confusing little Opus together through the next couple of stagnant weeks.  Everything we've done looks great.  I cannot wait until it's finished and we can share the grand picture with all of you.  Other than that, I'm stressed to get it done.  If only there were a way to work exclusively on this film (and other films).  Hint... hint... anyone?



     We have a TRAILER!!!!!

Check A Cowboy's Silver Lining page for more info

     As we're pushing along with the production of A Cowboy's Silver Lining we've run into some more frustrations (for example:  Someone broke into our warehouse location, screwed up the power grid, and managed to knock out the elevator and power on every floor, thus making it impossible to film this evening).  I would like to personally thank those responsible... with a hammer.  Ah, there will be snags.

      On the other hand, Anthony and I have been slaving away on the brand spanking new trailer to share with all of you lovely people (even though we've not finished filming the movie).  This thing freakin' rocks!!!!  I am so pleased with it... and believe me... we're all eagerly awaiting the last frame of this film.  

     Deadlines are nipping at my ankles but we're all pulling together to get everything finished before the clock strikes midnight and we all turn into losers... um, pumpkins... 

      We should have some more exciting media to feed your frothing eyes sometime later this week.  There is a plan in the making to post some screenshots from the film and keep everyone happy.  We'll see all of you cowboys and cowgirls later.... 



     Yes, once again we've taken our sweet time in updating our illustrious website. Movie making takes time, give me a break.  We've had some very good weekends as of late (this past Saturday, for example).  We managed to knock out a great deal of script pages involving three scenes in a motel, two heavies, and shady Hispanic fellow.  As you can imagine, it ends in bloodshed.  

     I cannot tell you how pleased we all are with everything we've caught through the lens.  This film will look gorgeous when all is said and done.  

     We're in the processes of cutting a trailer for the film, that we shall add to the site sometime in the near future.  Diligent work is often quite time consuming.  With all good luck in hand, the project will be finished just in time to show in the up and coming festivals.  

     We would like to send out a very special thanks to Jim Eikner  for his amazing work with our special effects, make-up, etc.  Also many thanks to Buddy Grey.  Forrest Pruett and Jason Perry deserve a shout-out for helping out these past few weeks.  Your work behind the scenes has been of extreme importance.  Another set of "thank yous" goes to Les and the big foot cat at the Siesta Motel.  Without the location, it would have been nothing.  

     And for all of you loyal fans and followers, keep the faith.  We're rocking and rolling right along with this OPUS... keep coming back for eventual updates. A rough cut scene should be sneaking 'round here (requires a broadband connection and a fast PC!) somewhere. Hugs and pisses... hahahahaha.  pee  (B) 


    I posted new production pictures for "A Cowboy's Silver Lining" They are located here. Just pics for now, captions to follow soon...


    Well folks, not much to report on production this update. It's been kind of slow with "Memphis In May" festivities going on and scheduling issues. We should back to full steam in a few weeks.  We have, however, rough cut a few scenes and all I can say is WOW! This  film ( "A Cowboy's Silver Lining" ) is going to turn some heads! I also received the final draft of "Universal Remote" a script by Forrest Pruett. It's a short that is part of a trilogy we will be shooting in the near future. We'll let you know more soon.


     Hey guys and gals.  Sorry for the long delay but we've been quite busy actually making "A Cowboy's Silver Lining."  We've managed to build a nice little stand alone page for the film, it's progress, and any other fun little pieces we can cram together.  It's safe to say that we're all quite ecstatic with all of the footage, performances, and production that has taken place over the last month... and we're just  breaking the half-way point in filming (as of 4 in the damn morning).  

      We've had some interesting setbacks here and there, however, it has all been a blast.  

March 20th we knocked out Five Scenes.

April 18th we cleared another 2 scenes (and ran late into another Sunday night-- so late that we didn't get it all done, have to go back, and God am I tired).

April 23rd we pushed far into the realms of the 24th, managing to drain the last piece of sanity out of the work week... yet still chasing after the dream

I cannot do justice with words how everyone has come together and helped out.  I'll just buy their weight in doughnuts... mmmm... doughnuts.   


     It's official...shooting began today on "A Cowboy's Silver Lining". It was a full day, we got started around 11:30 am and didn't finish until around 10:30 pm. We got some really great stuff. Hopefully in a couple of weeks we'll put a page up for the movie, for now check the New Projects page. We'll add some production stills and keep you updated.


     Cast & crew of "A Cowboy's Silver Lining" met again today for a read through of the script and to work out some of the final details before production. If all goes well we should start shooting in a couple of weeks. At the meeting we talked with cast member Jason Perry about a script he is working on entitled "The Hands Of Time". A very interesting story we hope to let you know more about soon. We also talked with Forrest Pruett about a couple of scripts he is working on, "We Suck" and "Universal Remote". Forrest is a great storyteller and writes some very funny stuff. You can check out a site, about a movie he is finishing up, on our links page. It's called "Almost Made".


      Brad & Anthony met with Charles Moore to discuss the feasibility of turning a play he has written entitled "Surrounded By Sin" into a film. More info coming soon...


      The cast and some crew of  "A Cowboy's Silver Lining" got together for a pre-production meeting. We went over the script so everyone could get the feel of the film and have any questions answered they may have. We should have a page up soon for the movie. 


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