Name: Marcus Weatherby
Aliases: Mac Money Marcus
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 250lbs
Age: 39
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Special Skills:  Bodyguard

     Marcus is a heavy for hire (in more than one sense of the word).  His confrontational nature, as one would imagine, often rubs people the wrong way... but as Marcus would likely respond, "What are you gonna do about it  jaggoff?!"  He has a particular flair for the under-dramatic and loves to argue late night television.  

Played by Forrest Pruett


Marcus is possibly the saddest excuse of  a man ever seen. for example his name 'Marcus' translates as 'One whose sexual prowess lies in right wrist movement'. He isn't to bright. Marcus would be out of his depth in a parking lot puddle. He wears a lot of jump suits hoping they'll come back in style some day.

Marcus is Donny's sidekick and helps him bodyguard for the very rude Vincenzo

Marcus when not working, spends a lot of his spare time watching television. He gets aggravated by all television programs, ranging from Gunsmoke to past Saturday night live episodes. Marcus & Donny have a special connection. They both seem to use the same brain but somehow manage to disagree about everything.

written by Forrest Pruett


Copyright 2004 Rusted Sun Films