Name: Grace Jones Parson
Aliases: Grace the Face, Gracey, Cracker
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185lbs
Age: 28
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Special Skills: Card tricks, guarding doors, pissing people off

     Grace is a pure phenomenon.  He would most likely serve better as a guidance counselor than as a hired tough.  His hot headed reactions are often followed by profanity and slinging a gun around.  His brother Milton is solely responsible for keeping him alive for so long

Played by Jason Perry


    Grace Howard was born to John and Deloris Howard on June 26, 1974.  Mrs.
Howard wanted a girl so badly because she had given birth to a son, Milton 2 years earlier.  So, she named her second son Grace.  Mr. Howard was a successful dentist, and Mrs. Howard was a florist.  While growing up, Grace suffered from A Boy named sue Syndrome.  Everybody even Milton used to make fun of him.  But his life really hit the bottom when his mother died from a heroin overdose when he was 16. So, Grace dropped out of school.  He managed to land on his feet when he got a job as an ice cream man.  That lasted for a little while, but he was fired because several kids attacked  him and stole his truck.  He finally decided to join his brother, Milton and go to work for their Uncle Charlie.  Charlie was the brother of their mother, an he felt sorry for the boys.  This job seemed to help Grace. His self-confidence really grew especially when Charlie allowed him to finally carry a pistol.  Grace thought that he would finally be respected in the community, but everyone knew that he was a loser.  Finally, his pathetic life came to an end when he was shot while having a discussion with Milton.
Milton was also killed at the same time.  What a tragic end to such a disappointing life.

written by Jason Perry


Copyright 2004 Rusted Sun Films