Name: Donny Domascus
Aliases: Tiny Donny, Tiny, Einstein, Joey Joe Joe Johnson Jr.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 250 +lbs
Age: ?? mentally, 13
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Special Skills:  Still waiting on that one...

     Donny, quite simply is an enigma of logical thought.  He lives at home with his mother, he only gets out when Marcus finds him a job.  His train of though is easily derailed when anyone mentions Hee-Haw or SNL (having spent the majority of his life watching late night television and eating Hostess Snacks).  Trivia is his main forte'. Other than that, he's just big and dumb.

Played by Joseph Smith


Donny is the most confused person on Earth….he just doesn’t know it.  Everything about the “Inner Donny” is trapped in a time warp – much as if his thoughts and interests were hip and intriguing up to about 1979 and the brain cells just said “That’s it !!  No need for further advancement!” 

He is desperately poor, obviously lacks any sort of ambition, and is the world’s oldest living virgin.  The closest he ever got was touching a reluctant Candice Marie Deflorio’s left breast during the “Na Na Ne Na Nas” of Journey’s “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’” at the Our Lady of Great Disgrace annual 8th Grade Barnyard Mixer.  Needless to say, his knuckles were severely bloodied by Sister Alma’s merciless ruler. He is much out of place in just about everything he does.  Although his mind may be trapped in 1979, he sees the very hip way white boys are dressing up as rappers and jumps on it – he has found his look.  A bit pathetic and sad when you look at it…A guy in his mid thirties, still clubbing (which he still calls “Discos”), asking girls to dance and repeatedly being turned down with a polite “No Sir.” 

Donny loves television, music, and movies.  He has a vast knowledge of all of these.  Should there ever happen to exist a Fortune 500 company that needs to pay someone a seven figure salary for knowing who sang the hit song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” – Donny is your man!  Unfortunately all this knowledge has ever gotten him was two free tickets to an Air Supply tribute band that played at a local Wal-Mart parking lot.  He went alone. 

Coming up with the Donny character was a bit difficult at first.  After looking over this script, it was evident that this was going to be a pretty intense film.  We all were very excited from the first meeting.  Bevan clearly wanted a bit of comic relief here, so aside from the few required lines in the script he basically told Forrest (Pruett) and me to go “do your thing”.  Very cool.  Forrest and I discussed a few ways to project the Marcus and Donny characters.  One of which was to do the Italian goon thing with suits and ties, but we decided against it.  Then Forrest suggested the “white boy rapper” thing.  It was perfect.  It showed much of what I think is ridiculous in this world and added a great contrast to the rest of the film.  The Donny character is literally a collection of miscreants that I have known over the years – myself included – and adding a bit of lovable dumb guy.  What I had to keep in mind while doing this character was to make Bevan, Anthony, and Brad laugh.  I love an audience and I used these guys as an audience.  They all have a great sense of humor, so I figured that if we can make these guys laugh in the midst of setting up shots, shooting, directing, running scenes…yada, yada, yada….we’re doing OK.  They laughed.

written by Joseph Smith


Copyright 2004 Rusted Sun Films