Name: Charles Callis
Aliases: Charlie, The Boss, Blue Devil
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 185
Age: 50
Eyes: Steel Blue
Hair: None
Special Skills: Shrewd businessman, Intimidation

     Charlie is about as mean as the come... and that's when he's in a good mood.  He uses people until they no longer are of use to him, then they disappear.  He loves a good glass of whiskey and a cigar.  He also loves his hookers.

Played by Ralph Hatley


    Although I wasn't the first choice for the role of Charlie, I have to admit,
when you're looking for a "bad guy", for some reason, people knock on my
door.  Wonder why?  Actually, the opportunity (and this was a tremendous
opportunity) to play Charlie arose after the original actor ran into
scheduling conflicts, I believe.  Forrest Pruett called me (we had done
some acting classes together at Red West's, Rocket's and Gary Grubbs) asking
if I would be interested.  Well, DUH!?  "Bad guy?"  Sure!  Once I got the
script I poured through it, highlighting Charlie Callis' lines, eating it
up.  I love the bad guy (I get to be "me" without having to really be "me" )
But this guy Charlie was not only bad, he was "Cold" and predictably
unpredictable.  He was in the business of eliminating problems and loose
ends, in other words people.  Nothing personal, just business.  He was all
business; no ambitions, no desires, no loves (other than his cigars and
bourbon), no friends, no past, only the moment and only the business.
Charlie Callis is both eerie and disturbingly cold.


Copyright 2004 Rusted Sun Films