Name: William (surname unknown)
Aliases: Billy, Bill, Miles
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185 lbs
Age: ?
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Special Skills: Handguns, rifles, explosives, hand-to-hand combat, surveillance
     Billy is a contract killer, who tries to piece together the remnants of his life after he is released from jail for the murder of the woman he loved.

Played by Bevan B. Bell


    Billy is a very complex piece of work.  We have to understand a raw sense of his drive to get the job done.  There is also a section of mindset and withdrawal that has to take place deep within his psyche to get "The Job" done.  He deals in murder, plain and simple.  Although the contracts he receives are usually of the kind of person that deserves it... or society would do better without... all in all, it's still cold blooded killing.  Another interesting section of his personality is that of his callous quest for penance.  He has killed numerous people... yet he feels guilty for a girl dying because of his actions.  The girl that he loved is killed in a very brutal manner.  It's not clean and to the point.  It's a very heated murder.  The manner in which Billy deals with this particular incident is by going back to "what he knows."  Obviously that doesn't work too well.  His mind starts to splinter.

    Billy's reactions to growing a conscience are not quite normal either.  It's like peering through the shattered windshield of a car wreck... but then you see too much.  You knew that there would be something beyond the cracks... but you didn't want to see it all.  Unfortunately you can't "unsee" them.  All of the faces and memories come back vividly (in the form of some supernatural nightmare).  There are softer times of the personality and more vicious moments that shoot in and out like a bullet through the chamber.  It's scattered.  The great thing about playing Billy, is that everything was a strong decision.  I had to know when to play it soft and hard based solely on what was going through his head.  During the "field" scene, I got to play it cool, cocky, and brutal within the flip of a switch. 

    The most difficult part was finding a way to get back into character.  I was directing, shooting, dressing the sets and actors... then I would have to remember... okay, it's time to act.  It's extremely taxing.  I don't know if any of it came through the way that I intended it when all is said and done.  I do feel that as a whole, the film and the character came through wonderfully.  The film is Billy's story... the way he wanted to tell it.

written by Bevan B. Bell


Copyright 2004 Rusted Sun Films