The e-mail that started it all.

This is a copy of the email I received from Brad

Two days before Christmas in 1998, I had something happened to me that confirmed my belief in Evil (Demonic?) spirits….I’d like to share it with you.
One night while chatting with friends in an internet chat room that talks about ghosts, a girl (who said she was from Ireland) came in under the name of “Fiery Redhead”. She started telling us about a problem she was having. She told us she had used a Ouija board a few weeks earlier to communicate with the spirit world.
She told us that she had made contact with someone who said it was her grandfather. She believed the spirit because he would tell her personal things only he or she could have known. The spirit was friendly and Fiery Redhead felt comfortable speaking through the Ouija board with him….She talked to the spirit every chance she got… She eventually began to hear the spirits faint voice without having to use the Ouija board…the voice was that of her grandfather and it was very comforting to hear him once again….But, after a few weeks, things began to change…for the worse….The once comforting and pleasant voice of her grandfather changed to a deeper, raspy voice that cursed at her repeatedly and threatened her. …She realized by now that this WAS NOT her grandfather….The spirit got meaner and louder by the day.. The spirit physically attacked her daily….Pulling her hair, slapping her, yanking her out of the bed onto the hardfloor,leaving welts, bruises and scratches on her body...Fiery Redhead was under a full attack by this spirit and she was terrified..  Everyday she would ask the spirit to please leave her alone only to be brutalized and cursed at…One day the spirit announced to Fiery Redhead that it was “Evil” and it was never going to leave her….Ever.
In the chat room I was usually the one who was asked to give advice to people who were having problems. After listening to Fiery Redheads amazing and horrifying story and her request for help, I stepped in and started asking her the basic questions that I would ask people in this kind of situation. After about 10 minutes of asking questions and reading her replies I was convinced that she had something terrifying happening to her…So I asked a couple more questions BUT, as soon as I told her I would try to help her “something” came to me. All at once my room went completely black (my even though my overhead light, a table lamp and my TV had been on a few seconds earlier) , my head started hurting so bad it brought tears to my eyes instantly. Even though my computer was still on I could look to either side of me and it was so dark that I couldn’t even see my couch. It’s hard to explain but I felt like I had tunnel vision and the only thing I could see was my computer screen although my monitor seemed like it was putting off no light. 


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