The origin of Rusted Sun Films


Rusted Sun Films was founded in 2002 by two friends, Anthony Howald and Brad Alsobrook. The two live in Memphis, Tennessee and met each other in 1999. Their paths crossed through a common interest in the Paranormal. Howald, who had always had an interest in the paranormal, was surfing the internet one evening when he  ran across a site on "Ghost Hunting". Rekindling his interest, he began to search for local people with the same interest. His search led him to Alsobrook who was the founder of a local paranormal research group. After contacting Alsobrook, Howald started attending all of the groups meetings and the two soon became good friends. 
     It was at one of these meetings that Alsobrook took Howald aside and told him about an extremely unusual experience that had happened to him in late 1998. It would be three years later that Howald, who had a longtime interest in filmmaking, approached Alsobrook with an idea. "The Idea" was to take Alsobrook's unusual experience and turn it into an independent short film. At first Alsobrook was hesitant. In fact, he really didn't even like talking about the experience (with anyone). After talking with Alsobrook several more times about his idea, Howald, over time, got Alsobrook to talk a little more about his experience. Alsobrook seemed to be warming up to the idea. Howald wasn't sure Alsobrook was ready to commit to the film idea until he received an email from Alsobrook, a few days after their last conversation, with a short outline telling Howald, in further detail, what had happened to him on that frightful night. With the email was a short note stating, "Lets do this Anthony".
To read the email,  click here. 
In the months that followed, Howald began writing the screenplay based on Alsobrook's email. Over the next couple of months there were many emails and phone calls between the two to further develop the screenplay. The final version of the screenplay that was agreed upon was the one that accurately depicted the events of that night. Next, the process of filmmaking began.  Through the process, Alsobrook discovered an interest in filmmaking that he never knew he had. And so it goes, a filmmaking partnership began and their first movie, "The Visitor",  was born.
Upon birthing
"The Visitor"  into the world, Anthony and Brad came across a rather rough and unsultry character in a coffee shop meeting.  Bevan B. Bell was soon to come aboard the Rusted Sun Films vessel as "Brad" in the visitor.  Not only was Bevan the lead role but he brought the experience and talents of cinematography to the group.  
Rusted Sun Films would soon take on their first feature film.  Bevan had managed to convince Brad and Anthony to make his feature script,
"A Cowboy's Silver Lining" into their first feature length film.  Bevan and Anthony worked as Co-Directors over the complex and dark script.  Over six months of weekend filming, they had completed filming and editing, making slot for the premiere showing at the 7th Annual Indie Memphis Film Festival.  The show was the first sell-out in the 7 year history of the festival.  ...and so it begins....

And so it begins...


Divine Manipulation of the Threads is now available on DVD.  Stop by the "shop" to pick up a copy.

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