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A comedic take on a bank heist in the vein of Ocean's Eleven, Reservoir Dogs, and Clerks.

Abraham Ashley and his loosely pulled together gang of thieves plan a heist to rob the Federal District Reserve Bank (Memphis Branch). Little do they know that the Feds are the least of their problems. A series of pulp gangsters come out of the woodwork bringing back events from the past and debts that still have to be paid. Somewhere along the way all of the 'Threads' pull together for a clever heist that seems too good to be true.

ABRAHAM ASHLEY is a small time con man with debts and baggage that he wishes to leave behind. Through a choice meeting, his luck is changed through a drunken conversation with an investment banker known as 'THE GUITAR MAN.' With Ash's local connections, 'POOCH' and 'MRS. MIFUNE' the foursome set out to hijack $70 Million from a bank exchange that involves the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (Memphis Branch).
Several obstacles and old acquaintances stand in the way of the mismatched group of thievesí ultimate goal. A former heist partner, TRACY ADAIR, and his muscle, KONG KONDITSIOTIS, have every intention of leeching onto the prize at any cost. IAN THE FIST and his steadfast bodyguards are also on the trail of Ash's new gig and have every intention of collecting the fees of an overdue loan.
Through a colorful cast of additional characters including pulp names such as STONE FREE JOEY, THE DUKE OF EARLE, PRINCE PAUL, and MARGARET THE TROPHY WIFE the story weaves a clever tale of comedy and gangster scare tactics exposing how something so impossible could be pulled off by a collective group of idiots.

Divine Manipulation of the Threads is now available on DVD.  Stop by the "shop" to pick up a copy.

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