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"Never enough time."
The production of DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADS stretched out over months worth of weekends, through three different season, and in turn had spawned an entirely different set of problems that the production was not prepared for. The south is generally a warm place, however, in 2005 we experienced an unusually cold winter. There are times in the film where the grass is the most beautiful green that could possibly grace the screen. There are, equally, other shots mixed into the fray that are cold, barren, and devoid of any foliage. Simply because the actors are wearing short sleeves doesn't mean that the weather is comfortable.
Throughout the painstaking process of making a film on spare time and no budget, we overcame the obstacles of Mother Nature on almost a weekly basis. This gauntlet of issues includes hurricane Katrina ravaging New Orleans.

A few key members of our cast and crew worked relief efforts for months in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.  Their absences pushed back scheduled scenes to be shot numerous times.
There was also an actor that was required to return to New York before the filming on his scenes had been completed.  As weekends pressed on, a bit of creative scheduling had to be “baked-up” so that the production never ran stagnant.  Scenes were often shot in bits and pieces due to actor availability, with the understanding that the crew could return to the location for “pick-ups” involving this key actor.  Eventually, the actor was able to return for a few days worth of shooting, enabling his scenes to be completed.







Divine Manipulation of the Threads is now available on DVD.  Stop by the "shop" to pick up a copy.

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