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Christine Connolly, a.k.a. “C. Marie Connolly,” is a worldly woman to say the least.  She is the youngest of four siblings from a military family and even though she was born in Alexandria, VA she didn’t stay there long.  She has also lived in Korea, Japan, Hawaii, London, Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Tennessee.  She graduated from Marquette University and pursued a career in television journalism.  Her job as a News Reporter also allowed for relocation and experiences that could not have been gained by any other manner.
Bevan Bell was an eight-year-old Kansas native when he decided that he wanted to "grow up and be in movies."  Although that daydream desire wouldn't come to fruition until early 2003, he never stopped working toward the goal of working in the "land of make-believe." 
At the age of 18, Bevan was working as a part time editor at a television news station in Memphis, TN.  Two years later he would become tired of "not having the shots he needed" while editing, thus moving through the natural ranks of local television news he...
Anthony Howald started Rusted Sun Films with his friend Brad Alsobrook in 2002.  As an audio engineer and musician, Howald had dreams of putting together a short film "just to see if he could do it."  That short project became RSF's first short film, THE VISITOR (2003).  The short gathered some acclaim as the production quality was far above and beyond that of a first time effort. Through making his first production he become engrossed in Memphis’ local film community. 

Brad Alsobrook is a life-long Memphian.  He was born in Memphis, TN and has continued working and living in the area since he learned how to crawl.  Brad’s involvement with film started through a “ghost hunting” group formed in Memphis.  His fascination with the paranormal offered him a chance meeting with Anthony Howald, who was also involved with the group, and a relationship blossomed.  Their love of film and gray areas of the hereafter lead to long-winded...


Divine Manipulation of the Threads is now available on DVD.  Stop by the "shop" to pick up a copy.

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