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Divine Manipulation of the Threads represents the growth and polished approach of a very small independent film production company that grew from amateur attempts to polished production veterans. With the ease and availability of digital formats, filmmakers around the world are now capable of giving the Hollywood Machine a run for it's money. Generally these NO-BUDGET films are the blood, sweat, and tears of those dedicated enough to become involved in the process. They give up time and energy with the realization that they may only be doing this for themselves.  This film represents all of the actors, crew, and visionaries that spent countless weekends putting together a dream, so that they could show anyone and everyone that views the project that we take the job of “chasing a dream” very seriously. 
Without the love of film, the desire to share a story with the ever-hungry public, and the drive that keeps us banging away at making ourselves better, a film of this quality and nature would have surely fallen apart. It didn't. Each and every person involved with this film pushed each and every day to ensure that it would outshine the previous projects that we’ve offered.  I believe that once having viewed the film, one may see that we had a great time making it. We certainly hope that you enjoy it.

Divine Manipulation of the Threads is now available on DVD.  Stop by the "shop" to pick up a copy.

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